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The rush used in our products is sensitively harvested from rivers in the UK, there is no environmental damage during the harvesting. The rush is left in it’s raw natural state with no finishes added. The rush grows in slow moving rivers and have for centuries been put to use by man for many purposes,

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Straw Craft

Wheat Straw Craft The wheat used to make are wonderful straw craft corn products is grown in the midlands and harvested in a low impact way – there are no finishes added to the decorations such as bleach, dyes or varnishes. All the straw craft are delicately plaited by a talented Scottish craftswoman. We have

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Recycled Glass

Our recycled glass items are some of the few products that we import in to the UK. We purchase our glass from a UK based, ethical and environmentally conscious company who import the products from Spain. We have lots of products made from recycled glass, including; recycled wine glasses, tumblers, carafe, jugs, vases, candle holders,

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The willow used in our products is grown organically in the UK. If there is ever a problem with willow beetle the grower simply knocks them off by hand. It is relatively easy to grow willow organically when produced on a fairly small scale with different varieties – however large scale growing creates a monoculture

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UK Driftwood

All our UK driftwood products are made from driftwood collected by hand from beaches around the UK, there is no damage to the environment during the collection process. No bleaches, dyes or varnishes are applied to the wood. Our UK Driftwood products We have a number of UK driftwood items; Driftwood Sconce’s, Driftwood Hearts, Driftwood

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