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Natural Organic Toys Offer Safe Fun For Baby

Babies are one of life’s wonders, as their curiosity, amazement, and intrigue of the world around them grows each day. Provide them with natural toys that stimulate their desire to learn, without worrying about toxic materials. Our organic toys are eco-friendly and are an excellent alternative to plastic, factory made toys.

Why Choose Natural Toys?

It’s become increasingly common for children’s toys to be recalled by the manufacturer due to safety or toxicity concerns. At Natural Simplicity, our organic soft toys are made from all natural, sustainable materials that are better for your baby and the environment. With our toys, you’ll always have peace of mind when baby decides to taste them.

These types of organic soft toys are better for initial exposure to a baby, as the natural materials are less likely to house environmental allergens that can irritate a baby’s skin. Natural toys made from organic wool or wood do not contain lead, toxic paint, or phthalates that are harmful to baby and the environment.

Environmental Impact

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your commitment to eco-friendly living. All of our baby toys are made from ethically sourced and environmentally sound materials. While many traditional store-bought baby toys are cookie cutter replicas of one another made in a factory, the materials used in the process can be damaging to the environment. Typical plastic toys contribute to pollution and environmental degradation, as the polyvinyl chloride components can emit toxins and phthalates which are dangerous to the atmosphere and your house.

Our Products

While eco-friendly toys are generally more simple than traditional counterparts, they encourage creative play and the use of imagination. Natural toys are just as stimulating as toys with electronics and lights, and can actually help a baby’s brain development and cognitive skills. Babies enjoy the softness of organic fleece against their skin, and are drawn to the natural plush animals.

Our wooden baby rattles are handcrafted by a foot-powered lathe and finished with food grade organic flax oil. Even our soft toys are made from organic wool and stuffed with organic fleece. Give your child the gift of an organic teddy bear and see a friendship begin to blossom.

Our babies and our Earth are sacred, which is why we must protect them. Make the switch today to natural organic baby toys and keep pollutants, toxins, and chemicals away from baby.

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