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Plastic Free Christmas Decorations

Looking for plastic free Christmas decorations? Well you’re in the right place.Plastic Free Christmas Decorations

Everyone is now very aware that single-use plastic is a massive environmental issue, so for those looking for ways to help cut down on plastic this festive season, Natural Simplicity has a range of eco-friendly hand made Christmas decorations.

Xmas is unfortunately a time when plastic can be over used, from lined wrapping paper to plastic tinsel there are many (often single use) plastic products we all use. Now is the time to look for alternatives to the mass produced plastic decorations on sale in many shops.

Here at Natural Simplicity we have a number of handmade decorations that you can use for years to come and ultimately at the end of their life are biodegradable. Our plastic free Christmas decorations are made from a number of natural materials such as Organic wool, driftwood corn/straw, rush and wood. All are made in Great Britain, are eco-friendly and non toxic – safe for the environment and your home!

Whether you hang some hand-made straw decorations on the tree or an attractive driftwood wreath on the door, make the festive season joyful with our Plastic free Christmas decorations.

Some of our plastic free Christmas decorations

Of course decorations are just one aspect of Christmas so there are many other areas to cut down on plastic use. It’s not just our plastic free Christmas decorations that are eco-friendly – have a look around our site for other items that are plastic free. There are great ideas for eco-friendly Christmas gifts for men, women and children. We have recycled glass wine glasses for you xmas tipple, or a number of beautiful vases for a creative Christmas table display.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from us here at Natural Simplicity.

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