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Our Ethos

About Our Business Practices

We believe an ethical and environmentally sound business should be open and transparent, so here you will find details of how we run our business:

  • We know the full story behind each item we sell, from raw material to finished piece.
  • We have chosen suppliers who share our ethical stance.
  • We deeply respect the artisans who make the wonderful products we sell and are happy to pay good prices for them.
  • We source most of our products from the UK, those that are from outside the UK are transported via ground delivery.
  • We reuse and recycle all packaging materials that come our way.
  • We use 100% recycled cardboard boxes along side those that we reuse – this means our packaging may be different each time it comes to your door.
  • We use 100% recycled post-consumer waste, chlorine free tissue paper to package our products.recycle
  • Recycled shredded paper is used as a packaging filler alongside other reused media such as biodegradable corn starch chips and cardboard etc.
  • All our stationary paper, card, envelopes, paper for invoices, packaging slips, parcel stickers, and flyers etc are 100% recycled paper – and where possible we try to keep paper use to a minimum.
  • We use Ecotricity for our energy supplies.
  • Our website is hosted by Super Green Hosting – which means the energy used to power our website server is from 100% green renewable energy.
  • We have a home office, so no commuting to work.
  • We sell products that we believe will last for many years and reject the throw away attitude.
  • We don’t buy any products that are toxic, hazardous or cause any environmental degradation in their harvest or during manufacture.
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