Recycled Glass

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Recycled Glass Adds Something New to Your Decor

Buying something new for your home can brighten up your living space, and add a little extra pizazz to your décor. But buying something recycled can be better. Whether it’s a decorative bowl, a hanging lantern, or a stem vase, recycled glass combines functionality, style, and sustainability, and allows you to make smarter choices about how to outfit your home.

Why Buy Recycled Glass?

Recycled GlassGlass is one of the simplest products to recycle. In the UK, Bottle Banks are relatively common, making collection points accessible to anyone who chooses to recycle. There are over 50,000 Bottle Banks in the United Kingdom, and each tonne of glass recycled conserves 1.1 tonne of raw material. Glass can be continually recycled and made into new glass without deterioration, which makes it an ideal reusable resource.

A typical glass bottle can take as long as one million years to decompose and disintegrate in a landfill, whereas glass can be recycled into a whole new item in just 30 days. The environmental impact of recycled glass is incredibly positive, and buying products made from recycled glass has many benefits. Recycled glass products have the same quality and dependability as glass that has not been recycled, so there’s really no reason not to buy eco-friendly glass products.

Aside from using raw materials, creating new glass requires the consumption of energy to appropriately heat the sand, which results in greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution. The recycling process stops at least 315 kilograms of CO2 from being released into the air, opposed to new glass production.

During recycling, around 40% less energy is used compared to the creation of new glass. That basically means for every glass bottle, a 100W light bulb can stay lit continuously for 4 hours with the energy that was saved by recycling.

What Types of Products Are Made from Recycled Glass?

At Natural Simplicity, we have a wide variety of recycled glass products such as candle holders, glasses, vases, and lanterns. Our coloured glass items are available in a wide variety of hues, and are created with all natural paint. If you’re interested in making the shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle, or looking for a responsible gift for an Earth conscious friend, there’s no reason to sacrifice style. Our recycled glass products are perfect!

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