Organic Hop Pillow – Natural Sleep Remedies


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Organic Hop, Lavender and Chamomile Sleep Pillow

These pretty bags are made from Organic muslin filled with a relaxing combination of dried Organic British grown Hops and Organic French Lavender and Chamomile. The bags are finished with vintage lace.

Herbal sleep aids have a long history in folklore and family tradition as a remedy for calming the nerves and inducing sleep.

Hops are considered to be one of the best plant based sleep aids available, this is because they release a chemical which is known to have a sedative and relaxing effect. The Hops in combination with the soothing properties of Lavender and Chamomile make the perfect combination for a good nights sleep.

Organic Hop Pillow use

Just place the Organic Hop Pillow under your pillow or at the side of the bed and allow the aroma to help you drift off into a natural sleep.

Please note that the use of hops can be contra-indicated for individuals who suffer from depression. If in doubt, please discontinue use.

Organic Hop Pillow – Natural Sleep Remedies
Size Approx – 17cm long x 11cm wide

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Dimensions 17 × 11 cm


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